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Precast Voided Floor Slab

The Voided Floor Slab is a reinforced precast concrete slab which incorporates the cobiax void former syste. All reinforcement used in manufacturing is multicycled steel. Once placed by the erection team the filigree plates are covered with in-situ concrete. This void forming system reduces the volume of concrete required in the floor without compromising the design of the slab. The reduced concrete volume then means the self-weight of the slab system is lowered with consequential savings made to the foundations or any secondary supports.

The draughting software is able to communicate directly with the factory to eliminate the human interface and help produce zero defects. The slabs can be detailed to infinitely variable shapes to suit the clients design layout.

Our precast flooring system has a soffit which is ready to accept direct decoration. When the Omnia Slabs are used in conjunction with our twin wall product and the screed is poured on top of the floor the concrete screed flows down into the walls making a strong robust connection between the walls and the floor. It also offers air tightness and acoustic levels which cannot be matched by any other precast system.

GARE BETON ELEMENT has developed high standards in quality assurance and we are currently in the process of obtaining certfication to ISO9001. Our processes have been developed to ensure product quality and consistency, occupational health and safety and environmental suitability.

When planning your next project, consider GARE BETON ELEMENT high quality engineered concrete solutions.m.

  • High quality producs with CE standards
  • Guaranteed for each of our product
  • Cost Effective which reduces your final cost
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